High Quality Innovations Start With An Applied Thought

As one of the first companies active in this industry, the Sadra Mahan Parsian Company, focusing on the production of industrial valves in the fields of oil, gas, petrochemicals and refineries. The company is the first producer of complete Rising stem ball valve (Orbit valve or KV) and Through conduit gate vale double disk in Iran and one of the top three companies in the world. Also, for the first time, this company has produced Jacket ball valve and Jacket plug valve in Iran and has provided them to the customers with the highest quality in different sizes and classes.
Manufacturing the spare parts of all valves utilized in the country and basically repairing the availing valves in the depots of the respectful employers comprise other specializations of this company in the customer service domain.

Our Competitive Advantages:

  • Having 6 knowledge-based products at the level of 1 and 2 of technology
  • Manufacturing specific valves, such as complete Orbit Ball Valves (KV)
  • Membership in the vendor list of the Ministry of Petroleum with more than 50 products in different types, classes and sizes
  • Fabricating a wide spectrum of high qualified Iranian products and not needing the outflow of foreign currency
  • The process of dynamic production and better productivity
  • Considerably decreasing costs and prices compared to other domestic and foreign competitors
  • High technical and engineering knowledge in designing and manufacturing orders
  • Long-term after-sale guarantees and commitments after sales services

We also follow a program directly under General Manager (Operations), who ensures prompt action for smooth functioning. To efficiently carry out the repair and services for valve repair maintenance we are well equipped with the tools and equipment. For repair services, we follow modern technology, which includes the use of modern tools and skilled operators. This helps them to easily handle the work demands.
Furthermore, the training of our staff is arranged as per the latest industry demands, which enable them to face any challenges efficiently. Accordingly, GAZAR brand products are the result of knowledge, experience, skill and perseverance of a large team of compassionate human resources that allow us to estimate the needs of our customers in the shortest possible time.

We are always pioneer because we are GAZAR.

  • The first manufacturer of complete Rising stem ball valve (Orbit valve or KV valve) in Iran
  • The first manufacturer of Through conduit gate vale double disk in Iran and the third largest manufacturing company in the world
  • The first manufacturer of Jacket plug valve in Iran
  • The first manufacturer of Jacket ball valve in Iran
  • The first manufacturer of Ball valves with fully welded body and rotary seat ring in Iran
  • The first manufacturer of Zero leakage Plug valves in Iran

Focus and expertise:

  • High degree of planning and synchronization
  • The most varied range of products in the market (More than 50 Products)
  • Access to unique solutions, researches and benchmarks both in designing and producing sectors


  • Practical and knowledgeable recommendations with focus on past valuable experiences
  • Team members have extensive experience of successful implementation of complex projects
  • Possibility to quickly engage talented experts in related areas