Approved Vendor List

For corporate purchases in most industrial companies and large projects where the volume of purchases is high, the employer prepares a list of suppliers who are qualified in some criteria and have passed the approval process of that organization and the so-called list of vendor list or called AVL (Approved Vendor List). Most industrial companies are familiar with this concept and may be a member of some vendor lists. There are various vendor lists in the Iranian industrial market, such as the Ministry of Petroleum Vendor list that many great industrial companies tend to be on these top vendor lists.

According to the quality of production and commitment to customers, The Sadra Mahan Parsian Company has been able to be included in the AVL of the Ministry of Petroleum of Iran since the beginning of this year.

The name of the Sadra Mahan Parsian Company is listed in row 1265 on page 622 of this list.

In the following, you can download the file related to the products of Sadra Mahan Parsian Company, which is in the vendor list of the ministry of petroleum.