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The Experts in Valve Repair and Service

Faulty and leaking valves can lead to a variety of problems, overall inefficient plant operations, potential safety issues, and high Maintenance Costs. Sometimes replacing valves is expensive so this is important to entrust your valve repair to a company with the expertise, comprehensive facilities, and a proven track record industry-wide. Whether it is a control valve, gate valve, globe valve, check valve, plug valve, or pneumatic actuators that are in need of repair, our company can provide the technical expertise and equipment and after required tests can return the valves back to operation.

The Sadra Mahan Parsian Company is presenting services to stakeholders and employers in petroleum, gas, and petrochemical domains in the field of repairing various valve types, and the provision of online repairs in in-operation lines and installations by the engineering and operational teams of this company.

Manufacturing the spare parts of all valves utilized in the country and world and basically repairing the availing valves in the depots of the respectful employers comprise specializations of this company in the customer service domain.

All Valve Reconditioning and Repairs Service

A lot of valves sent to the graveyard could have been restored. There are many benefits of reconditioning existing valves over purchasing new replacements, the least of which are cost savings and reduced downtime. Usually, repair and reconstruction of many valves that are out of line due to breakdown is possible, so before buying and replacing existing equipment, with the engineering and technical team of the Sadra Mahan Parsian Company in the field of troubleshooting, specialized repairs and other services such as lubrication, overhaul, sealing and correction of defects, ENP polishing (Electro Nickle plate), etc.

Before any action, consider our valve reconditioning and repair service to:

Non-Repairable Valves

Most of the valves we see are salvageable and can perform optimally again. However, in the case that our technicians deem a valve to be non-repairable or prone to problems at a later date, we will advise you. We support this advice with our recommendations for a suitable replacement. The development in valve design has given engineers a variety of valve types to choose from. It’s a case of carefully matching up the service requirements with the design characteristics of the valve. This includes considering the medium handled, the working pressure, temperature, cost, and installation. Our extensively trained engineers are dedicated to helping you select the right replacement valve for your application.

Repair of VASTAS Ball valve – 36” – Class 600 – With LBV Actuator
Repair of Cameron Ball valve - 20” Class 600 – Flanged/Full Welded
Photo: 75 mic ENP Coating – Ball valve- 40” Class 150