There Is No Greater Certification Than Customer Satisfaction

The Sadra Mahan Parsian Company feels indebted to supporting science and technology and attempts to take a step toward a more proper application of these areas for posterities. In this trajectory, it could proudly acquire many domestic and international honors, accreditations, and certificates. Among them, we can refer to acquiring the golden certificate of appreciation from the 11th Sheikh Bahaei Festival and succeeding in receiving the selected title of the country in the 5th Science-to-Practice Festival and Fair.
Our products accord with the international standards of API, ASME, MSS, BS, ISO, ASTM, and NACE, as well as Iranian Petroleum Standards (IPS) and Iranian Gas Standards (IGS). These cases help us take confident steps in the future with knowledge of the fact that we present the best quality and experience to our customers. The engineering, manufacturing, and testing processes of Gazar valves are confirmed by reliable inspectors and continuously supervised under the coverage of a quality guarantee program.
This company possesses Integrated Management system (IMS) and quality of products certificates as follows: